42-in-1 Steel Multi-tool Card with Moneyclip (Black)

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Wondering what the heck a steel card multi-tool with a money clip is? Well, it's a money clip wallet for sure. However, it's also * a set of spanners, a blade knife, a bottle opener, a can opener, a box opener, a wire cutter, a collection of flathead screwdrivers, a mathematical tools set, a smartphone holder, cable bender, a cable peeler, * and a much more. Yes, it's all these things in one, but that's not the best part. The best part? Well, all these everyday tools fit in a simple card tool that fits in the card slot of your wallet or card holder. *It's practically a minimalist money clip wallet. *While identical in size and shape to your credit card, this steel card multi-tool comes with a removable money clip that when snapped on, turns the card tool into a super minimalist money clip wallet. So the fact that you can clip your notes and credit cards to it means you don't need to carry this tool in your wallet all the time. Some of the time; it IS your wallet. And precisely for these occasions, this card comes with a pouch in which to carry it. Do not be fooled by the minimal card-like appearance though, because this card tool scores well in practicality and brutal sturdiness. This is thanks to the material used; grade 402 Stainless Steel which is a highly hardened steel variant with excellent corrosion resistance. *42 tools-in-one, waiting in your wallet.* - *Screwdrivers: *at least three flathead screwdrivers of varying sizes, including one for your eyeglasses. So you'll quickly troubleshoot or carry out basic installations on the go. - *Bottle and can opener:* a bottle opener to pop one open on the go, and a can opener for that can of baked beans you can't wait to dive into. - *Hexagonal, butterfly, and spoke spanners:* different sizes of hex spanners/wrenches. These will undo most bolts you encounter. - *Smartphone holder:* slip a credit card through the "smartphone slot" and let your smartphone rest in landscape mode for a stellar viewing experience. - *Blade and peeler:* a blade for all intents and purposes, a peeler for when you must peel your fruit somehow, hygiene be damned. - *Box/package opener, wire cutter, cable peeler:* a box opener to swiftly open up packages, and a wire cutter to break out of prison (or make repairs). - *Set of essential mathematical tools:* a ruler (inch, cm), protractor, compass all-in-one for convenient measurements and drawings. - *Which tool is which?* All tool descriptions are printed in white on the card for easy reference. In the end, this money clip wallet card is a great asset to carry around in your wallet. This is because you get to whip it out and get things done in the moment without having to assemble together a toolbox's worth of tools. It makes for a typical minimalist gift for any man and could ideal corporate gift for employees or clients. *Please note:* this tool contains sharp edges and cutting blades. Care is needed when in use and removing the card from its pouch, to prevent injury. *Specs:* - Barcode: 653046272827 - Weight (kg): 0.04 - Width (cm): 6 - Height (cm): 9 - Depth (cm): 2