Drying Rack - 3 Layer Multi Hang - Wheels

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This 3 layer multi hanging drying rack is the ideal laundry and cloth drying rack. With 3 tiers for maximum drying ability and long metal horizontal rods for maximum width reach, this product is sure to make a difference in your home. It is made of iron and coated  plastic to make for easy assembly and sturdiness. The product is weather compatible and can be used indoors and outdoors. The great thing is that with 3 layers you can hang your longer clothing items without worrying that it will collect dust and dirt from the floor. It also has multiple wire strings. More wire means more items can be hung.  The wheels on this product also make it so much easier to move when items and wet and heavy. It is also ideal as this can be used as a drying rack during the day and clothing rack at night to store freshly laundered clothing. 



    Maximum use item with multiple layers, rails and hanging space
    Item is on wheels 
    Item is easily assembled and can be easily taken apart 
    Weather durable 
    Strong manufacturing quality 
    Can be used indoor and outdoor 
    Holds wet and dry clothing and materials 

What comes in the box:

        1 x Dismantled 3 layer hanging racks
        24 x Middle piece hanging rods
        2 x wheel brackets
        14 x rods 
        2 x Baby hanging racks 
        1 x Plastic cover

Product Dimensions:

126cm x46cm x 170cm

Tube 19/12mm