Retail To Let - 580 Dr Pixley KaSeme (West) Street, Durban

580 Dr Pixley KaSeme (West) Street, Durban

This brand new mall is anchored by Cambridge Food (a subsidiary of Walmart Inc.) who opened their doors on 22 September 2020.

The 20 000 square metre centre, built to the highest of standards, consists of a ground floor retail section, two wholesale floors above and two floors of covered parking at the top. The retail floors are connected by escalators and all five floors have access to three elevators. Additionally, the building will be supplemented with solar power to allow retailers to trade during load shedding.

The ground floor faces Dr Pixley KaSeme Street while the first and second floors have designated loading bays on the respective floors which allows for offloading goods and for customers to pickup ordered items.

The centre will be manned by armed guards and monitored by CCTV 24/7. Although there are public bathrooms, most shops have their own for additional security, privacy and hygiene. Street facing shops have their own remote controlled aluminium roller shutter doors.

Situated on a busy corner at the entrance of Durban's high street, the property boasts high volumes of foot and vehicular traffic throughout the day and is the ideal spot for any retailer to expand its footprint in one of South Africa's busiest trading nodes.

With most of the space already tenanted, interested parties should request to view or offer to lease before the balance is let out.

An aerial view of the property can be viewed here :

Drone footage of the interior can be seen here :

The property plans can be downloaded here and then viewed on a pdf viewer such as Adobe : 

The following shops are available at the time of advertising :

  • First Floor | Elevator, Escalator, Stairway and Ramp access
    • Shop B5 - 154.34sqm
    • Shop B7 - 71.55sqm
  • Second Floor | Elevator, Escalator, Stairway and Ramp access
    • Shop C1 - 200.38sqm
    • Shop C2 - 227.50sqm
    • Shop C5 - 171.65sqm
    • Shop C6 - 175.94sqm
    • Shop C8 - 138.47sqm
    • Shop C9 - 136.37sqm
    • Shop C11 - 179.35sqm
    • Shop C12 - 121.71sqm

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