Slim Pop-Up Clip Leather Card Wallet (Brown)

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Pop up card holders are such a convenient accessory for the card wallet lover. Press a little switch, and your cards spring out in a neat cascade. Your cards are laid out for you to pick out the one you need, then recline the switch, and it's right back down with the cards! This leather card holder doubles the fun with its slim, portable design that makes it ideal for your front pocket. Another bonus is this wallet's got a clip added to the design to replicate that smart, classic, dapper, vintage look. The clip will also keep the wallet closed and secure for peace of mind. *RFID blocking protects your valuable card info from intruding hackers!* Can cyber thieves use powerful RFID scanners - much like those at the supermarket checkout - to scan your card holder and steal your card info from a safe distance away? And then proceed to print imprint this information on to a blank duplicate card and shop their hearts away at your expense? Some experts say they can, some experts say they can't. Well, it's not for us to call who's right or wrong in this debate. What we know for sure, though, is that you'll appreciate the added benefit of walking around knowing your cards are secured anyway. Peace of mind at hardly any extra cost! So that's the purpose of the RFID blocking feature in this card wallet. It will block out any intrusive RFID radio waves from passing through to your cards and accessing your valuable personal information. *What makes this a great wallet?* Feels vintage with a modern twist, holds all the essentials as your traditional wallet would. Plus it looks modern and sports a far slimmer design to traditional wallets. This card wallet spots that much-desired vintage look but is certainly not as thick and heavy as your traditional billfold. Still, the slim and lightweight design does not limit the capacity of cards you can carry. Plus, it's got a stylish, minimalist money pocket that folds to hold your notes in place. But that's not all. In addition to the easy-access pop-up compartment for your cards, there's more slots on the inside for cards you don't use often. In fact, you could also carry your business cards in there. *Features of the Slim Pop-up leather card wallet:* - *RFID protection*: shop securely knowing the personal info in your cards is secure from intrusive cyber thieves. - *Vintage, classic look and feel:* covered in soft, light, and waterproof PU leather complemented by that clip to give a vintage look. - *Access your cards lightning fast:* automatic pop up mechanism springs your cards out in a neat cascade for easy access. - *Slim and light without limiting:* slimmer than your everyday wallet yet still holds all your cards Dimensions (L x W x H): 100mm x 7mmx 25mm Grab one of these sleek and secure slim wallets for your cards and cash. And yes, these do nicely as a "man gift" for all occasions. *Specs:* - Barcode: 653046120128 - Weight (kg): 0.1 - Width (cm): 8 - Height (cm): 12 - Depth (cm): 3