Solac Wax Heater 2 Tub White W "Depil Center"

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Wax Heater 2 Tub White W "Depil Center"

Relaxing, soothing and effective against cellulite and orange peel skin. Mould your figure with the triple action massager. Total body: achieve smoother, more efficient hair removal for the whole body. Can be used on both face and body hair.

  • Double wax heaters: two separate chambers for warming and filtering the wax. Each chamber has an independent thermostat and ON/OFF light
  • Filter for used wax: allows it to be re-used, meaning you save money on wax.
  • Compact design that is easy to store
  • Protective lid to avoid dust build-up
  • Built-in cord winder
  • We recommend using Solac professional chocolate wax which has regenerative properties. Can be used with any wax on the market
  • Free gift: two wooden spatulas.|

1 Year Retail + 1 Year Extended Warranty

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