How Our Affiliate Program Works

The Zalemart affiliate program is open to anyone looking for an additional source of income; from sales representatives, NPO's and influencers to stay-at-home moms, bloggers and visual content creators. No matter how big or small you think you are, we have a solution for you :)

About Us : 

Zalemart is an innovative general retail and wholesale trading company based in Durban and operating across South Africa. We sell 100's of products in a number of categories, including but not limited to homeware, kitchenware, pet and animal products, fashion and clothing, garden and outdoors, and electronics.

How We Can Work Together :

Tell your audience, clients, customers, friends or followers about our awesome products, and earn a commission when they make their first purchase on our store.

(This is a work from home commission based opportunity. For permanent salary based positions, click here.)

The Process :

1. Sign up for free 

2. Choose your preferred method(s) of sharing our products

3. Get paid a commission for all new customers that you bring to us

Your Costs :

There are absolutely no fees and costs to sign up, and you will have no obligations to post at certain times or on certain platforms unless otherwise agreed upon. You choose, from the comfort of working from your home, when and how to promote our products. The more you share, the more you earn.

Your Benefits :

  • You get a percentage off on ALL your personal/company orders just for signing up (Ranging from 5% to 15% depending on how big your audience is)
  • You get a 5% commission on the product price for all new customers that you refer to us
  • You get free products (depending on how big your audience is)
  • Your audience will thank you for the discount code that you give them :)

Advertising Methods : 

  • Discount Code - Share your discount code, together with product details and images, with your audience on various media platforms such social media, text and email messages, newspapers and magazines.
  • Affiliate Link - This is a website link that takes customers to our website and applies the discount code to their order automatically. You can add this as links in your social media bios, YouTube reviews or as hyperlinks for banner and image advertisements on your website or blog.
  • Buy Button - We will provide you with a piece of code that allows you to mirror a product or collection from our website onto your website so that a customer can complete a purchase on your own website. The customer will have to use your discount code during the process for you to earn a commission.