How to Resell Denim Jeans

10 Simple Steps On How To Start Your Denim Business :

(This guide is for those who are just starting off. If you wish to purchase in bulk of 50+ jeans or if you have your own online store, you can apply to become an official reseller here)

1. Change your personal WhatsApp to a WhatsApp business account by downloading the WhatsApp business app and then signing up with your personal number. When you start a business, you need to advertise to people you know because they trust you more than strangers.

2. Create a name for your new denim business and then create an Instagram account, a Facebook page and maybe a TikTok account using that name. You only need to start off using WhatsApp unless you have a big social media following, but it's nice to create the social media accounts before anyone else steals your name.

3. Go to our website using your phone and filter products by price (Our best jeans are prices at R180 or more)

Our Bulk Prices Are As Follows :

Any 5 Denims :   15% Discount
Any 10 Denims : 20% Discount
Any 20 Denims : 25% Discount

You can 

4. Download the first two or three product images of the jeans you like (Long press on your phone to download an image) and make a note of the available sizes. Choose products which have at least 4 sizes available, not products which are almost sold out so that you don't sell a jean that gets sold out before you buy it.

5. Use our product images to create your own WhatsApp business catalogue (download the images using your phone by long pressing on the image and then selecting download).

6. You need to have a payment method for your customers. They can transfer directly to your account or pay you in cash before the jeans arrive.

7. For delivery, you can use PAXI (PEP to PEP). It's very simple to use, so once you get your first order you can ask us how to PAXI it to your customers.

PAXI delivery prices range from R60 up to R140. This is how it works.

Alternatively, you can use other door to door courier services such as The Courier Guy.

8. Tell your friends and family that you are launching a denim business on WhatsApp so they should keep an eye on your status.

9. You are now ready to start advertising. Post the pictures you downloaded from our website onto your status, with a description of the jean, your price, and the available sizes. Your selling price for our best jeans should be R249 or R299, but you can choose whatever is best for you.

10. Once you get 5 orders that are paid for, you can then place the order online through our website and we will deliver to you. Here is a guide on how to buy on our website : Online Buying Guide

For tips and tricks on starting and growing your own small online business, follow our business blog

All the best 💕