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AVANSA BulkCoin Scale 4600 Coin Counter

AVANSA BulkCoin Scale 4600 Coin Counter

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Why you need it

Investing in a cash counter guarantees accuracy first time, whilst eliminating the physical counting process entirely. Streamlining your cash counting process enhances accounting efficiencies, alongside improving auditing processes. Browse our collection of cash counters below to find the product most suited to your needs.

This heavy-duty bulk coin scale coin counter is designed to count buckets, bags, and piles of coins to a maximum weight of 20kgs. It has a STAINLESS STEEL TOP, is easy-to-use and reliable with no moving parts. The AVANSA BulkCoin scale 4600 comes with a one year warranty with the option to extend for an additional year.

With 7 preset values, it lets you easily access different values so that the users can perform calculations with ease. The memory total means that values can be added up to give you a running total of all the calculations. Counts the total value & quantity in less than a second

Coin scale with LCD display. Programmable keys for value and unit weight accumulation. Incorporates stainless steel platter. Highly versatile, the coin counting scale works effectively within a range of applications and environments, including banks, casinos, betting shops and supermarkets. Other currency options are also available.


  • Saves time and labor costs
  • Reduces losses due to human error
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Portable (powered by mains or battery) battery provides up to 70 hours of continuous use
  • Battery provides up to 70 hours of continuous use
  • Password control
  • Memory, save individual counts to give a running total
  • One year free warranty

16.50mm LCD Display
11 Programmable Keys with both value and unit weight
Value or Count Accumulation (up to 99 data accumulation)
Toggle the Denomination between ZAR and NAD coins
External Auto-Calibration
Auto Zero Point Tracking
Tare Function
Stainless Steel Platter

Standard currency: ZAR

Other currencies available: NAD, BWP

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