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AVANSA MaxCount 2800 Money Counter for Notes

AVANSA MaxCount 2800 Money Counter for Notes

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Designed and tested for use in high volume environments, this note counter is a VALUE COUNTER. It features the SUM FUNCTION which gives you the total value of each denomination counted for any currency as well as the grand total of a full cash up. With magnetic ink (MG) and ultraviolet paper quality (UV) authentication systems, this money counter can serve in teller applications as well as it does in back office cash rooms. This machine also has the option of an attachable printer with the ability to print multiple slips for your paper trail.

This professional Money Counter features: variable counting speeds of up to 1800 bills/min, batching, adding, and AVANSA’S four point counterfeit detection system (MG / UV / IR / DD).


Save time and eliminate all chance of error. The AVANSA MaxCount 2800 spacious hopper can hold 500 sorted banknotes, and three adjustable speeds provide you with maximum counting flexibility, reliability and efficiency—up to 1800 notes per minute. The 2800 while rapidly counting the number of banknotes, also calculates the value per denomination.


The MaxCount's front-loading hopper makes it possible for you to keep adding notes while it runs, for continuous counting—ideal in environments where time and accuracy are of the utmost importance. SAVE


Let the MaxCount help you optimize your cash-counting workflow. Press the convenient “add” button and the 2800 will automatically keep track of the total note count across individual runs.
Press “batch” and enter the desired number of bills and the AVANSA MaxCount 2800 will automatically pause each time it counts out that number. There’s no faster way to prepare your bank deposits and cash drawers.


  • Saves time and labour costs
  • Reduces losses due to human error
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Variable counting speeds (600, 1000, 1200, 1800 notes/minute)
  • AVANSA’S 4 point counterfeit detection system (MG / UV / IR / DD)
  • Counting, batching and adding functions
  • Optional AVANSA dust cover
  • Optional Printer
  • SUM Function (any currency value)
  • One-year free warranty

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