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AVANSA MegaSort 3000

AVANSA MegaSort 3000

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The AVANSA MegaSort 3000 mixed note counter and sorter will count up to 10 different currencies in mixed note mode. It offers the latest technology with a touch screen, Currency auto detects, currency mix (3 currencies mixed counted simultaneously, value and piece batching). You are able to attach a printer (optional extra). This will improve cash up time and reduce human error. The MegaSort is a two-pocket note counter and sorter that does not stop counting when a suspicious note is found - it just puts this note into the reject pocket. This machine has dual CIS, pattern recognition, Ultra Violet, Magnetic, Infra Red and optional serial number reading. In the count mode, the MegaSort will pick up different notes in a bundle of one denomination notes. It will also be able to separate mixed notes. This is quite simply the best and most reliable note counter for African notes. The MegaSort 3000 is approved by the European Central Bank. We are currently supplying this model to Banks, top retail stores, and government departments


The AVANSA MegaSort 3000 is your ultimate tool for easy and effective counting, validating and sorting of banknotes, offering professional-grade mixed-note counting and counterfeit detection. A large touch screen with quick menu, numeric keyboard and individual presets ensures fast operation. Featuring a dual-pocket design and dual CIS technology, it will value-count even the most advanced currencies, such as those printed on polymer, those that have transparent windows and those whose denominations have nearly identical dimensions. Designed for high-volume use, the MegaSort is ideal for businesses that need fast, error-free counting for multiple currencies and proven 100% accurate banknote authentication.


The quick menu is a helpful tool that offers several features like batch presets and saving often used counting settings for dual operators, printing and a verify function. The quick menu is easily accessible via the large 3.2" TFT color touch screen.


    • Up to 10 Currencies  (ZAR, USD, EURO, etc)
    • Colour Touch Screen
    • Dual CIS (Contact Image Sensor)
    • AVANSA's 5 point counterfeit detection system (MG / UV / IR / IMAGE / 3D)
    • Mixed VALUE, SORT & single VALUE counting
    • CE and ECM (European Central Bank) certified
    • Pattern recognition for notes
    • Smooth counting mechanism (even soiled and damaged notes)
    • Best in class reject rate
    • Optional Printer
    • One-year warranty

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