Tron Homage Inverter - 2kva 1600w with Solar Capacity

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Provides uninterrupted power to household electric devices

This Tron Homage Inverter  2kva 1600w with Solar Capacity supplies a long backup power solution during power outages for the essential items you need. This inverter has a screen display showing all important information related to load and equipment. There are 4 buttons beside the LCD display - power button, settings, select and enter. 

Product Features:

  • Requires 1x 24V battery and installation (not included)
  • Modified Sinewave
  • 4 VOLT/2kva
  • 1600w Load
  • 1000w solar capacity/max PV input voltage 55v
  • 50amp charging current
  • Charger/controller built-in
  • 15ms typical transfer time, max 40ms
  • Ideal for home or office

For installation assistance, please contact customerorders@alphacell.co.za or 0861257421 for technical help once purchased.