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Waterpik WP-462 Cordless Plus Water Flosser - Black

Waterpik WP-462 Cordless Plus Water Flosser - Black

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Up to 2x as effective as string floss at improving gum health

The WP-462 Cordless Plus Black water flosser with its satin finish takes up little space and includes four unique tips:

  • Classic Jet tip – general use.
  • Plaque Seeker tip – best for implants, crowns, veneers and bridges and removes plaque in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Orthodontic tip – ideal for braces and is 3x as effective as floss for removing plaque around orthodontic appliances.
  • Tongue cleaner – removes bacteria from the tongue to freshen breath.

The advanced dual water pressure control system of the Cordless Plus allows you to adjust water pressure intensity according to your preference. The design is ergonomic and includes an easy-to-fill reservoir and a rechargeable battery.


  • New black satin finish.
  • 360-degree tip rotation to reach all areas of the mouth.
  • Dual-pressure control in-handle.
  • Reservoir with 45 seconds water capacity.
  • Perfect for travel.
  • Works on 220V.

Waterpik® Water Flossers, also known as Dental Water Jets, provide a unique combination of water pressure and pulsations to massage and stimulate gums, and clean deep between teeth and below the gumline where traditional string floss can't reach.


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